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Drawers Opening and Scratches

It's been a while since I've updated, but nothing has happened in the time since the last post that I felt was note worthy (a few things here and there).

My 9 year old white ferret passed away on April 2nd after she underwent surgery to remove her adrenal gland and the numerous tumors on her pancreas. Her brother was suffering from depression and so a week later I adopted 2 ferrets from a rescue.

About two weeks after I adopted these ferrets things started happening. First Rikki, the 8 year old brother of the deceased ferret, stopped eating and became sick. I had to force water down him for a couple of days before the vet was open. The vet couldn't figure out what was wrong with him but gave me some meds for him. A few days later he starts eating and drinking on his own again.

Some time after that I arrived home late one night. I climbed into the side of the bed I sleep on and heard a noise. On the other side of the bed I have this little tv tray that I keep my laptop on. It sounded like something scraped against the metal legs of my laptop tray. So I lean over the bed to take a look...
I only saw a flash of white go under my bed. My first thought was that it was Po, the albino ferret I had adopted, but before I went into my room I checked on all 3 ferrets to make sure they were secure in their cage. Then I thought maybe it was my white cat under the bed, but I had passed him in the hallway on my way to the room and said goodnight to him before I closed my door. I thought it could be my little dog, but there is no way she could fit under my bed, and she wasn't in there when I shut the door. So I told myself it was the spirit of Sophi, my ferret that passed away, and went to bed.

That was the first night. Since then strange things have been going on. I'd leave my room only to return and find the Cabinet doors on my dresser were open. I thought it might be Sophi's spirit since she loved to try to open them.

More often than I can count the drawer of my night stand on my side of the bed would open itself. I'd leave the room and return and there it is... open. Sometimes It would happen after I opened it to grab something. I'd have my back turned to it and sure enough when I look back it's open. It's a really heavy drawer, and it doesn't just 'open' itself. I even tried for an hour to get it to open itself. Nothing happened.

I've heard something hit my wooden blinds in the window at night too.

The other day, in the morning this time, I heard that noise again of something scraping against the metal laptop tray. That night was weird too... I had just laid down in bed for the night when I hear 'click click... click.. click'. It was the sound of my wireless mouse for the laptop. Something was clicking my mouse... so I just got up said "No!" and grabbed the mouse. I opened up the top drawer of my nightstand and threw it in there, then proceeded to lay back down. I admit it wasn't until after I laid back down that I got scared. For what ever reason I just imagined that if I opened my eyes again I would see someone.

The night after the computer mouse incident I arrived home late again. I walked into my dark room and went to my nightstand to turn the lamp on. I then left the room to go change and when I came back, the top drawer that I had put my mouse in was opened. This is the first time the top drawer has opened itself.

Last night, once I laid myself down to sleep I heard someone talking. All I caught in the sentence was my name "Jessica". It took me a second to realize it wasn't the tv. At first I thought it was a woman's voice, but then again it kind of sounded like a man's voice too...

My response was to say "What?", but I heard nothing more and went to bed. This morning after I looked in a mirror I discovered two scratches on my neck...

I have no idea where they came from. I don't know if maybe I did it in my sleep or if something paranormal decided I'd look prettier with marks on my skin.

But yeah, that's the weirdness update.


Paranoia will destroy ya'

It's been a while.

So many *little* things have happened since the last update. So many that I can't remember them all. I've been Ignoring it.

I told myself that if I ignore it, then it will go away, out of sight out of mind. It can't feed of my energy if I wont let it. So far so good. (until now obviously)
I've resisted the urge to read updates on him. I've resisted the urge to buy another Ouija board (I'm still fighting that one). I've resisted the urge to update this. My friend and I rarely even joke about him anymore. (although, right as I am typing this my friend brought him up as a inside joke in a text...)

A friend of mine died a few months ago. He drowned in the lake in a canoeing accident. I didn't realize it till after I read the report the next day but... I was there. I take joy rides around that lake all the time. I was there at shore at the time the accident happened. I didn't even know he was out there, I didn't even look out at the water. If I did, maybe I would have noticed.

He was the most sincere person I ever knew.

After that there were a few odd things. The day after I was in my bathroom and there was a loud banging sound, like someone was stomping in the attic above. That night, as I was laying in bed, I heard water running. I went into the bathroom to check it out. The bathtub was filling up with water. Someone had put the stopper down and turned the Hot water on... but the water wasn't hot at all... even though it was hot water handle, cold water was pouring out.

Two months ago I had a week of back to back nightmares that had to do with... Zozo. I can't recall all of them. The only I remember is this one...

(Again a lot of the details I can't recall clearly, except for the end). Basically this dream was a series of Traps. I knew that some evil being was trying to lure me in. It would tempt me. I can only remember two of the traps. At one point I remember being in this underground room... it looked like a well dug mine or something. With wooden support beams everywhere, but evenly and neatly spaced. It looked like someone had perfectly carved the stone walls, not typical of a mine... it was a HUGE room/area. It was dark though... and it looked dusty and old. The only thing in the room was a bed. A bed with red silk sheets and roses I think. I purposely ignored the bed. Untill I noticed a very attractive woman with dark hair on the bed. (For the record I generally don't find women attractive... in a lustful sense :p ). I knew instantly this was another trap, so obviously I didn't hop into bed with her. The woman screamed and somehow I ended up outside... flying... with a balloon in my hand. I was flying over a short beach shore. I noticed a cave right off the beach along with a large fallen over tree trunk laying in front of it. I entered the cave...

I don't remember much about this cave. I know once I entered it, it was pitch black. I knew it was another trap. So I said out loud something like "You can't touch me if I have God's light" or something like that about God. Then there was screaming and the ground shook! And the ground started to crack! There was a strange orange glow coming out of the cracks. And the ground started to fall away... and I was falling with it.

Then I woke up. After that I haven't had anymore specific dreams concurrent like that.

I've spent the last two weeks sick in bed. I had no energy what-so-ever. I spent the days sleeping. I had nightmares of course. One specifically that I had killed my sister and a rabbit, buried them in the backyard & poured concrete on them. Freaked out the next day and decided to dig them up to make sure they were dead... only to find out I buried them alive.

I woke up from that nightmare. I hadn't opened my eyes yet. Then suddenly I became aware. My heart raced and I panicked! Someone was there... standing just  three feet away from me, watching me. I had also experienced sleep paralysis during that week.

I'm finally healthy again, except my sleep schedule is off. I stay up all night and don't go to bed till 6am. I get exhausted like normal people do between 8-11pm, but once I lay down It's impossible to sleep. I've also been abnormally anti-social towards my family. All I want to do is be alone, I send them all death glares when they approach me, and ignore their calls, then get furious that they called me.

Another odd thing to mention is that every night for the last week the dogs get very upset. It started Friday night around or after midnight. I was awake due to my strange sleeping habits now. About 10 minutes before this incident, I had felt weird. You have to walk past the back door and front door to reach the kitchen. As I was walking to the kitchen I stopped in front of the backdoor (which is one of those sliding glass doors so you can see through it). Something felt odd. It was like someone was watching me. I looked out the door for a minute and then moved to the front door and window to examine the front side of the house. Finally I went back to my room.

Well, 10 minutes later my black lab starts barking (he isn't a barker so it was unusual). Then my little dog started to bark. They both started attacking the back door, trying to get outside. I flipped the porch light on and set the dogs loose. I went out there with them to make sure it wasn't an intruder or something. They both started circling the entire yard, all around the fence and house. They did that for 30 minutes.

They have been doing this EVERY NIGHT since Friday. The strange thing is, this has also happened to my best friend. Starting at the same night as mine.


I spent the last 7 months avoiding paranormal things. I convinced myself that it was better this way. If I don't think about it, then I wont give power to it. I was going to *never* update this site. I've resisted so many urges. I've sort of lived in fear, thinking that if I mention him in one single thought he would know, and then all hell would break loose. Tonight, I caved in.

I felt that I had to update this, that someone (you know who) wanted me to. I complained, but I still did it...

As I was typing this I've felt so many things, right now I'm light headed, which has happened off and on. I heard someone breathing... deeply, which caused me to panic. I wanted to stop after I heard that. I wanted to run out of the room, out of house, and into the sun (it's night though...). I haven't felt that fearful EVER in my life. I wanted to cry. I also heard laughing at one point too... that wasn't nearly as horrible as the breathing.

I don't know if I'll update again. I might, I might not. I probably wont get any sleep tonight.

Take Care!

Am I just being paranoid?

Little things happen here and there that I just ignore.

Before I even touched the Ouija board I would sometimes see a person wandering around the house. I always assumed it was the spirit named "Pepe" whom my family and I had seen quite often. These last two months however I have been seeing more traffic of unexplained visitors. When I am in the living room sitting on the couch I can see them down the hall, walking in and out of my bedroom. What the hell is so appealing about my bedroom? I get an unfamiliar feeling from them each time. I don't know who these "strangers" are and it's more than one single entity. Just the other day I was feeding my ferrets in their room right next to mine and as I was closing the door to their cage I saw a 4 foot figure darting out of my room.

A week ago I was watching tv as I usually do before I fall asleep. I was watching something on Netflix using the wii, so the tv was set on the specific input for the wii. I turned the tv off and went to sleep. Some time later that night I woke up because of the noise. My tv had been turned on, not only had it been turned on, but it had been switched to the normal Television input on some random channel. My tv does NOT automatically switch input on it's own.

Three nights ago I was out driving and when I pulled up to my house I saw something big and bulky leap off of the neighbor's roof onto my roof. I've seen something similar before but that was 4 years ago out in the woods. I just assumed it was some sort of territorial nature spirit back then  leaping from treetop to treetop. I do often go for walks and drives on and off trails in woods. I am uncertain what this was that I saw on my roof...

This entire week I have been having a hard time falling asleep. I am usually drained of all energy and ready for bed by 6pm which is pretty pathetic for a 20 year old. By the time I actually get myself in my room and relaxing in my bed I am suddenly full of energy. The downside is that although I am wide awake I am more aware of something. I tell myself it's late and I need to go to bed. So I turn the light off and lay down, almost instantly I hear a strange noise, feel an odd gust of wind, or feel someone else next to me, watching me. My mind panics and I sit back up and turn the light on again. I repeat this process at least Three times a night till finally I am able to sleep (usually around 2-3 in the morning).

I've heard a growling noise twice. The first time was last week and sort of out of the blue. I was sitting in my bed and it came from the direction of the window. The second time I was sitting on my bed and I heard a noise to the right of me on the bed, so I turned to it and said "Shut up". It's response was the same growl.

This next part is embarrassing, but I wouldn't mention it if I didn't think it had some significance. As usual I couldn't go to sleep. I was in my room with the door closed (as always), I let my dog in the room to make me feel safe through the night (she is a great guard dog), and I was laying in my bed. I was er.... having a private moment... and right when the moment was ending my dog  suddenly started growling. Ugh, do you know how creepy and embarrassing that is? 

As I am typing this my dog has growled twice, it started specifically as I was typing the sentence where I had told the thing to "Shut up". Apparently that was a big no-no on my part right? 

My own mind doesn't even feel private anymore. "Zozo" on the Ouija board had told me he could read my thoughts, It just hasn't really effected me till now. Oh, well. I'm sure he has laughed his ass off at my silly thoughts and fears. Not like he is going around gossiping to every soul about my thoughts. I am not naive, I know things can get worse. I have read stories on the internet about zozo and most of everyone has gone through a whole lot worse than me either during or directly after using the board. I first made contact with "Zozo" 6 months ago and I am both grateful and horrified that I have not had to endure what I've read others have had to.

Sleep Paralysis?

A week after my last entry I got rid of the Ouija board. Since then there really hasn't been much activity.

The night that I got rid of it my black lab started barking at something in the window. He really isn't a barker though so that's odd. There could have been a wild rabbit out there though or maybe he saw my reflection.

Three lightbulbs have burnt out in my room. Each burnt out one day after another.

Twice my lamp by my bed "clicked" off. It's happened a few times in the past. I don't think there is a short in the wire because you can hear the "click" noise it makes when you turn the knob. The funny thing is that it seems to do it right as I have settled in my bed for the night. Saves me the trouble of reaching up to turn it off :p

I haven't been smelling that sulfur smell anymore that I had mentioned in a previous post.

Now to the sleep paralysis thing.

Sleep paralysis isn't something that happens often to me. It's only occurred twice.

The first time I experienced sleep paralysis was during that week after the last use of the board. I was asleep (obviously) then suddenly out of no where I become conscious. I couldn't open my eyes or move. Strange thing is, I could see myself. Even though I couldn't physically open my eyes I could see myself laying there as if I was towering over myself from the side of the bed. I told myself to move, make a noise, do something! I had this feeling that if I didn't gain control of my body that it would be the end. Whatever the end is. Finally I manage to open my mouth and make a grumbling noise, then I was able to move my feet and open my eyes.

The second time this has happened was yesterday morning.
I was the only person home and I was asleep on the couch in the living room. I heard a feminine voice calling my name "Jessica, Jesssssica, Jessica, Jessssica". The way it called me sounded like a playful taunt (kind of like that one scene in House Of A Thousand Corpses when Baby is chasing Mary and calling out her name). At first it didn't register in my head, like when an alarm clock goes off, you hear it but it takes a moment for you to realize "Oh the alarm clock is going off". When It finally processed in my head that a voice is calling me I became "aware". Then I hear this loud piercing noise mixed it with some kind of static noise and suddenly I can see, this time I wasn't looking at my body though.  It was as if I was standing in front of the fireplace in the same room looking at the front door. The same static noise kept going on and there was this giant red face just there.... it looked like it was either screaming or laughing but I couldn't hear anything other than the the different pitches in the static noise. After seeing that image I was "back" in my body trying to move. I couldn't. I told myself to open my eyes, no luck there, open your mouth or at least make some kind of noise, still nothing, move a finger, didn't happen. I gave up. Even though I could not move I had convinced myself that maybe if I fall back asleep when I wake up it will be okay. The very moment after I had tried to fall back into my slumber I hear that damn noise again. the static noise, and I see the front door entry way and the giant red face again! Same as before I am "back" in my body and of course I could not move or make a single sound. Finally I manage to wiggle a toe, then my whole foot and then I'm back in full control of my body.

Like I said, this is the first time something like that has ever happened to me. My sister has suffered through sleep paralysis in the past, but all this is new to me.

Ouija Again - Scared

    For the first time in about a month or so I've decided to use the Ouija board. I've been wanting to all last month since it was October but something in me (my better judgment) said no. Recently my best friend and I have both been experiencing strange things.
    We've both been seeing things. My friend's closet door would open (she keeps her Ouija boards hanging in there, but she hasn't used them herself). I spent the night a week ago and the door opened at night right when we turned in for the night. I saw a shadow move over mine on the wall (I slept against the wall) and it felt like someone crawled over me cause the sheets pulled around me. After several minutes I finally fell asleep. Once we woke up I looked and saw that the closet door was shut, my friend said she didn't close it.

    Little things would happen here at my house but I would play them off. Sometimes when I shower I would smell sulfur, however I do know that gas gives off that smell and so I thought maybe it was the water heater. It never happened when you turn the sink on and it's not constant when you turn the shower on, but I smelled it three times last month. 
    One day the smell in the shower went from sulfur to smelling like smoke. Once I got out of the shower and got dressed I noticed what looked like symbols someone drew into the fog on the mirror. I took a picture because it was just so odd to me. It doesn't look like something someone drew on there previously. Maybe it's nothing but I'll show yall anyways.

    That last one looks like a bat now that I actually look at it. Like I said though this could be nothing I never noticed it before and it was strange. It all looks alien to me.

I live with my grandmother and she works all day so it was just me and my animals in the house. My cat Lola always has to be in the bathroom with me (I don't know why) and I always close and lock the door when I go in there so no one else could have done it, and I doubt my cat did.
    Three nights ago one of my ferrets started having a coughing fit so I got out of bed to check on them in their room and the whole time it just felt like someone was in there next the shelves just staring holes in me.
     Yesterday morning I went into the bathroom and I held the door open for my cat to walk in and I heard footsteps. No one else is home and it wasn't the dog's because they were outside. Our floors are marble so when someone walks across it you can hear their feet stomping on it, I hear my own all the time so I know that's the sound. The footsteps are what made me decide to use the Ouija board finally.

About 10:50 this night I pulled the Ouija board out from under my bed. I have an 8 week old kitten named Loki who stay's in my room with me. Loki was curious about the board and the pointer. Before I started he was playing with the planchette then I put it on the board and said hello. Once the pointer started to move he hissed and swatted at my hands.

Here's the session, short as it was.

Me: Hello?
Answer: Hello my love
(Let me say two things. At this point is when my kitten started to freak out, and this also makes me worry because "my love" is something I fantasize about being called when I have my helpless romantic daydreams. So either 1. This is proof that what ever is following me around can read my mind as it claimed to, or 2. This is proof that it's all in my head and the Ouija is just a silly game.)

Me: Who is this?
Answer: Zozo
(Loki's fur is standing straight up he hisses and swats as he does the whole session)

I decided to ask some questions that I was suggested to ask.

Me: Do you have wings?
Answer: Yes, made -

I had to stop there. While the pointer was moving it felt like someone blew into my left ear and then I lost the hearing in it for a few seconds. I got chills while it happened, Loki freaked out, and I was genuinely frightened.

Me: Were you Worshiped before?
Answer: Yes

I felt bad as I asked and it answered and the whole room just felt dark. I had to quit because I'm not use to feeling like this and I did not want to take any chances.

I said Good-bye and closed the session. Loki was still freaked and attacked the pointer as I put everything away and he even started to hiss and swat at my hands when I tried to pet him. Even when I picked up my phone to message a friend he swatted the phone out of my hand and hissed.

Five minutes later he calmed down, and I don't feel bad anymore.

I don't think I'll use the board for a while though....

Small Update

    About two weeks ago something 'odd' happened. I had a cup of Dr.Pepper sitting on my bedroom floor a few feet away from my bed. I was laying down on my bed and looked over and saw that the cup had been knocked over and spilled out. I figured I must have kicked it over and didn't notice. I was feeling lazy and said I would just clean it up tomorrow (my floor is just concrete at the moment so clean up is easy). About two hours later I finally get out of bed to fetch something across the room and I looked down and the cup was standing back up.... the spill was still there so I know I didn't imagine it. This may sound lame but I was in such awe that I began to clap.

   Anyways, I've been wanting to use the Ouija board, but it just hasn't felt like it's the right time to use it. Does that make sense? I just get this feeling that says not to.

Zozo is still here?

My, what bright eyes you have!

    As I said in the last entry, I haven't used the Ouija board in a long while. I just got tired of sitting there not knowing what to ask. Some of my favorite every day things would disappear. My favorite hat would vanish and then pop up out of no where. I'd wear it for a day and then it would vanish again. My shoes would vanish and end up under my bed right next to the Ouija board. (Now that i think about it, maybe keeping the board directly under where I sleep isn't such a good idea). My favorite articles of clothing would be misplaced and so on.

   One night one of my floating shelves fell off the wall. All it had on it was a stuffed animal I had for 13 years, a picture and an autographed cd from when I went to go see Voltaire perform on my birthday. It wasn't holding a lot of weight at all. I am well aware that those shelves are for the most part really unstable. Still when I was startled awake AGAIN, my thoughts went to Zozo. I didn't even acknowledge it though. I just closed my eyes and fell back asleep once my pulse settled down. (Once again I just want to say it most likely was just unstable). 

    A couple of nights ago my friend who was choked spent the night again. Middle of the night a book and one of my Transformers (yes... action figures....) fell off my shelf of favorite things! It woke us both up. Just like before however I just thought "Zozo", closed my eyes and went back to sleep. (I've slept through fires and tornadoes, when I am tired, nothing gets in my way of sleep!)

---- Before shelves went flying ----

   I use to keep my blinds open day and night, however due to strange noises and my constant staring outside I have left them closed for months. Finally a couple of weeks ago I manned up, opened them, and left them open all night. It was fine and dandy till one night...

    I was sitting on my bed and periodically I would look at the reflection on the window (I'm always paranoid about reflections ever since My own reflection was delayed by 10 seconds in this mirror at this old antique auction house). When I was looking out the window I noticed two bright red lights. At first I thought there was a car parked outside. I live on a culdesac located in front of a local lake/park, and sometimes people park in the culdesac even though it's illegal to do so. 

    I thought the red lights were those brake lights that are located top center of the back windshields on SUVS (they were pretty close together and up too high to be actual brake lights), but if that were so then their main brake lights would have to be on too. Then I leaned closer and there was no shape of a car out there.

    Then the lights blinked!!!!!!! Like when a person blinks. One blinked slightly faster than the other. That's when I realized they were eyes....

    I said out loud "You can go now"

    The lights moved like what ever it was turned around to face me. I realized then that who ever it was, they weren't outside... they were Inside... looking out my window. And now they were staring at me....

   I'm not sure if it was Zozo.... and I haven't really wanted to pull out the board and ask. Either way it was creepy.

Ouija Part 7

I hardly remember what we talk about....

    As you probably have noticed I have a hard time remembering my conversations with "Zozo". So I have decided to write them down.

AUGUST ??, 2010
11:33 pm

- "Hello"

Who am I talking to?
- "ZoZo"

What are you exactly?
- "me"

    Haha right?

I don't know what to say.
- "Ask a fuc- (I stop the pointer from moving there. There is no need to finish that word OR sentence. Potty mouth ): )

Are you really a demon?
- "Yes"

Will I go to heaven or hell when I die?
- "Ahahahahahaha -"

    Yeah, stupid question to ask a demon I know...

OK! If you could pick for me, heaven or hell?
- "Hell of course"

Is there anything you want to say?
- "Maybe you and me are a good match, ZoZo Jessica"

    Haha what the hell does that mean right? creepy.

Are the stories about you true?
- "Mostly except I'm not keeping a good image"

    I did have to laugh there :)

Is it alright if I write our conversations down?
- "yes"

Can I post our conversations on the internet?
- "Yes"

    I yawn a few times in silence with my hand still on the pointer
-"Lay down"

    I thought that now would be a good time to play the "can I sleep now" game, but I didn't even have to ask out loud... he practically read my mind!
- "No. N-O" ( I then felt a touch on my arm)

So I'm not allowed to go to sleep?
- "Yes"

But I can lay down?
- "Yes. Lay down"

Can I put the board up?
- "No my Jessica. I am bored"

    When the hell did I become his property? Freaky.

Do you like it when people talk about you?
- "Yes"

Do you like it when people say your name?
- "Yes, absolutely"

Do you know when people say your name?
- "Yes"

So then I guess you heard me read that story about you at the restaurant? 
- "Yes I -"

    Maybe my ADD kicked in because as he was answering that a thought popped in my head. Dose he follow me?

   I didn't ask anything out loud so I said "Huh?"
-" I follow you Jessica"


Can you read my thoughts?
- "Yes, and I never know a thought as good as yours Jessica"

    Wtf? Seriously what does that mean bro? Creepy.

------------ an hour later ( I took a break) ------------

Are you still here?
- "Yes"

    2:11 am

Can I go to bed now?
- "No"

    Wow, only one no this time!

Why can't I go to sleep?
- "I said No Jessica, No more, No sleep"

So I have to stay up all morning?
- "No. 3:40 I might allow you sleep"

    When I am sleepy I get bitchy. So I said "Screw that" closed the session and went to bed!!!

    That morning I woke up startled again! I saw a face in my sleep and knew it was his face!!!.

AUGUST 28, 2010
9:27 pm

    This is very short. I didn't know what to ask so these questions are random.

- "Hi Jessica, Zozo"

Should my mother get another cat?
- "No"

Will my sister ever have a baby?
- "Yes"

Will I ever get a another rabbit?
- "Yes"

Did you wake me up the last time I used the board? (meaning the face that startled me)
- "Yes I did"

    I then said good bye. I haven't touched the Ouija board since.

Ouija Part 6 - Attack?

What a jerk...

  My best friend ( the one whom I first used an Ouija board with in "Ouija Part 1") spent the night right after my friend from the last entry did. I told her about my sessions with the board and Zozo. We joked about him (and we still do!). We didn't use the board. It was just a normal hang out and sleep over kind of thing.

    That night I was startled awake! My best friend was gasping for air! At first I just laid there and tried to go back to sleep (did I mention how crabby I get when people wake me up?) Then the thought crossed my mind "Oh crap she could be dead!" So I reached out and shook her. She was breathing and so I went back to bed thinking maybe she has sleep apnea or something. In the morning I told her what happened and she said someone was choking her in her dream.

    The next night I pulled out the board. "Zozo" admitted that he choked her.

Do you like my friends?

Why not?

    That's all the answer I got =/

   The rest went on as usual with our game of  "Can I sleep now?" "No, N-O". Eventually I asked why I couldn't sleep and he said "Because Jessica, I can't be with you in your dreams"

    Yeah... creepy.

Ouija Part 5 - "Z" and "O"

So that's what that meant...

    Curiously I was searching the internet for ghost stories when I came across this story about a demon that is said to visit Ouija boards all over the world. Damn, wouldn't you know, the demon is named "Zozo". "Z" and "O", the two letters that the pointer always went to when ever I touched the board. You know, the two letters that I would always say "What the hell does that spell! That's not even a word".

    One of my friends spent the night and she wanted to use the board. I'm use to playing by myself and the pointer would almost always move instantly when I touch it. I told my friend to try by herself. The thing wouldn't move. I would get this feeling though when she asked questions. Like I knew the board wanted to say "No" (That is where my doubt that the board actually works comes in. Maybe it's all in my head...that could be why the board didn't work for her by herself, because she didn't really believe). Eventually I ended up placing my hands on the pointer with hers and it started to move.

    We asked girly questions of course...

Who will -name redacted- marry?
- "John" (she apparently knows a John and they use to date)

If you could describe -name redacted- in one word, what would it be?
- "Idiot"

Should -name redacted- hook up with -name redacted- ?
- " I don't F---ing care"

   It's apparent "Zozo" didn't like my friend very much.

Who are you?
- "Devil"

Who will Jessica Marry?
- "Me"

    Earlier that day I had joked with my friend about the Ouija board saying "Watch, It's gonna say I'm going to marry Satan! haha"... so I laughed when the board said that.

    Eventually my friend ended up going to bed.  "Zozo" had forbidden me from going to sleep, so I decided to play along for a while and eventually ended the session and went to bed.